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If you are reading this you may be feeling ‘stuck’, anxious, depressed, detached, angry or numb, among just some of the feelings we can experience. You may have good insight into your issue, but can’t find your way through, or need some support to facilitate changes and growth. Whatever your current feelings about the past, together we can create the best environment so that your time in therapy becomes successful. Moving you towards a place of feeling at ease, insight about ‘self’, and autonomy in your path forward.

My name is Michelle and I have been therapist in continued practice since 2007. I have a wealth of experience in successfully working with clients with difficult and complex issues. I trained initially as an integrative therapist, though my early years were influenced by psychoanalysis, and working with adults who experienced childhood trauma. I have since gone on to incorporate a range of tools in the therapy I share, and I am committed to helping each person through their journey. After all, we all have a journey!


Childhood trauma, abandonment and neglect

If you see yourself within this page, it may be you will benefit from therapy. Early years and childhood experiences leave imprints and change us in the most unimaginable ways. I work with adult children who have experienced sexual abuse as child, adult children who experienced neglect, bereavement and abandonment. This usually tends to be longer term work, but through the journey we can create the right environment to work through your therapy needs. Often, adults think they have dealt with it, or buried it deep enough it won’t trouble us again. However, a sense of dissatisfaction, depression, low self-esteem or feeling not the ‘norm’ can seep in. It may be causing problems with adult relationships in the here and now, it may be a desire to control, as things feel more ‘out of control’. It could manifest as some form of addiction in yourself. Anxiety, depression, detachment, dissatisfaction and numb feelings around life, are just some of the ways you may be able to recognise that therapy could be a good place to start the change.

Adult children of alcoholics and addicted parents

I have worked with individuals in treatment since 2008, gaining a deep understanding of the alcoholic and the addict. I have solid experience in working with both adults whose own addiction has affected their own children, and adult children whose parents were in active addiction during their own childhood. Addiction is destructive to the individual and the family members who surround that addict. You may have guilt, shame, a sense of being over responsible at a young age, or feelings that then lead you onto your own addiction or mental health issues. The pain of this type of childhood trauma, can make it difficult to navigate the adult world in many ways. Please get in touch to see how therapy can help you through this difficult journey.

Domestic abuse - toxic relationships

I have worked in domestic abuse since 2005, and I am a freedom programme facilitator. I can provide a 12 week therapy journey so that you can gain insight into what is it is that you are experiencing and why? Also making sense of domestic abuse, can lead us to many more issues that may be presenting from your younger years and past relationships, these may need a little more time to work through. However, it is possible and there is a pathway to being in healthier relationships. You may find yourself repeating cycles of the same type of person, same scenario or identifying toxic behaviours popping up in your new partner. Why does this keep happening? Why me? Why them? These are good questions and together we can work through your experiences to create a lasting change so that you are autonomous in your future choices, that lead you to a healthier sense of self, and a healthier type of partner.

Clinical Supervision

I am an integrative therapist, and have been in continued practise since 2007. My Clinical Supervision practise is also integrative, and I base the foundations of my practice around Hawkins and Shohet’s 7 eyed model and the cyclical model. I provide clinical supervision online and face to face. My experience of working within organisations and private practice, means I understand the different dynamics that can play a part of your professional career. I have worked within Trauma and Childhood issues since 2005. You can read more about my therapeutic experience some more in my counselling profile.

My vast wealth of experience within mental health, domestic abuse, CSA, rape and sexual violence, means that I can compassionately work with the challenges that you may experience as a counsellor. Together our work will support the continued wellbeing of yourself and your practice, whilst holding at heart the clients needs and your governing bodies ethical framework. All of this ensures we continue to strive for a positive experience of supervision and how it enhances the work we do

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FEES per hour

£50.00 individuals
£70.00 for couples
Clinical supervision £50.00